I vini rossi

Dogliani Docg Castiglia Superiore
Dogliani Docg Pian Marie
Barbera d’Alba Doc
Barbera d’Alba Superiore Doc
Langhe Nebbiolo Doc Bricco Barone
Marengo Langhe Rosso Doc

I vini rosati e gli spumanti

Langhe Rosato Doc
Magnus Brut Rosè – Metodo Classico
Magnus Brut – Metodo CLassico

I vini rossi

Langhe Arneis Doc Pus-Vej
Langhe Sauvignon Doc
Langhe Favorita Doc


Beautiful landscape where Dolcetto rules.

The Langhe never ceases to bewitch and amaze locals and visitors alike with its rare beauty.

Discover the charm of hill towns, scattered farmhouses and castles with a journey along the meandering back roads that climb from one hill to another and fall in love with our dramatic countryside.

Dolcetto is one of Piedmont’s premier grapes.

We are in Dogliani, a small town sat in the hillsides of the Langhe. Ours is a region of scattered hamlets lost in the dramatic hills that nurture our grapes close to the sky and sun.

The local economy is dominated by agriculture and wine is in the local DNA. Dogliani  is synonymous with the Dolcetto grape and derives its name from the latin “Dolium Januae” which means “The Cup of Janus”. Janus is the twin headed Roman god of beginnings and agriculture. The month of January commemorates the ancient deity.

Join us and discover the beauty in a glass of wine.