Inimitable lands, kingdom of Dolcetto

Dogliani, lands of Dolcetto – Langhe Wines

Since 2014, Unesco World Heritage, the Langa has never ceased to charm and amaze. Hills, vineyards, farmhouses, roads that climb from one pot to another, castles and many stories with the common denominator of love for a land that gets inside you from the first time you meet it.

Dolcetto is among the vines that represent the Piedmont wine

Dogliani, resting on the valley floor, with its scattered hamlets that rise and bring the grapes closer to the sky, has always been the conjunction with the Alta Langa, its pastures and diversified agriculture that gradually leaves the wineries.

The economy of the territory is predominantly agricultural and the wine is in the local DNA, in the bowels of this soil which is synonymous with Dolcetto and which derives its name from “Dolium Januae”, the “Coppa di Giano”.